Clenet Series I Roadster

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Clenet Coachworks Inc. produced 252 Series I automobiles. Early marketing literature identified this model as the Clenet Continental, but the name was changed to Roadster after a few vehicles were produced. Sequence numbers, such as 231/250, are based upon the production run of 250 vehicles produced at the original Goleta airport location from 1976 through late 1979. In addition, the prototype, called the Clenet Continental, was built in 1975. The very last Series I car ever produced, called the Designer Series, was built for Mr. Alfred J. DiMora and was assembled in 1985 at the Carpinteria plant. The base price of the Series I started at $29,500 in 1976 and increased to $79,500 by the end of production in 1979.

In addition to the photos available below, our Wallpapers and More section provides high resolution galleries of several Clenets, including the following:  Series I Car 59 . . . Series I Car 67 . . . Series I Car 70 . . . Series I Car 99 . . . Series I Car 148 . . . Series I Car 168 . . . Series I Car 181 . . . Series I Car 202 . . . Series I Car 215 . . . Series I Car 224 . . . Series I Car 228 . . . Series I Car 248

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